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                                         Bob Vanderford                                   
                                              Bob Vanderford                                               Chuck Groot

Welcome to our site: Yourphotoheadquarters.com. We hope that you will enjoy it and learn as much from what the site as we did through our careers. As well, we hope to bring you some great deals of the equipment that you will want to have.

Here you will find a little about Bob and me.

Bob had an interesting background in law enforcement in a busy metropolitan city as well as a small rural township. His eye for detail and keen mind assimilates information and detail quickly and easily. He retired from there and went into taking on the challenging role of uncovering and preventing environmental abuse and wildlife poaching. All the while he had his trusty camera by his side and developed a love of photographic art.

Bob continually goes to seminars in photography and photo manipulation honing his skill to produce amazing art. The masters he has learned from have provided him with tips and techniques of all types which he wants to share with you!

I (Chuck) come from a long line of photographers and won my first national award for a picture on “pollution” at the age of 15. From there I won over 50 national and international with photographs showing scenic, wedding, family, children, animal, and creative compilations. I am lucky to have learned from the best; Josuf Karsh, Arnold Newman, Monte Zucker, and many others. This helped me on my way to receive the coveted Fellow of the Professional Photographers of BC, The Craftsman of Photographic Arts, and Masters of Photographic Arts. Along the way I was also able to get two Kodak Gallery of Excellence awards.

Why We Want to Help People

Like Bob, I feel that photography has given me much and we want to give back so that you will have the same joy as we have and are.

Along with my photography skills I have a passion for business. Nothing hurts me more than to see extremely talented people lose their passion in photographybecause they failed in their first foray with a photographic business. Having studied with great motivators and visionary’s like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy to name a few, I was motivated to get my Master’s in Business with a major in Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

But what I really like doing is helping people like you become the best that you can be when it comes to photography, both for pleasure and profit.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Bob & Chuck

Bob Vanderford and Chuck Groot


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